Why are live aquarium plants important?

If you are reading this article you must be interested in having live plants in your aquarium but are not quite sure where to start with them. You may not even know if they’re worth it or not. They are. Live plants are the holy grail of aquariums. They are simply the very best thing you can add to an aquarium to make everything better for your fish. Yes, they are that good! The first question you may ask is why are they so important. Continue reading

How to Clean the API Filstar XPL (Rena XP3) Canister Filter

I’m in the process of writing up a review of my new API Filstar XPL (use to be called Rena XP3) Canister Filter when I thought I could also share how I go about cleaning the thing. This can be helpful for people who have never owned a canister filter and are interested in knowing what is involved in cleaning them. I know for myself I was a bit hesitant in thinking it would be pretty complex compared to the basic HOB (Hang on Back) filters. Continue reading