Second Mated Pair

Yet more spawning in my 125 gallon aquarium. The Scalare Angelfish again, but this time a new pair has formed. The marbled Angel has turned out to be a male, and the second zebra stripped Angel is also a female (maybe twins? :) ). These two have chosen the right side of the tank for the spawning, opposite of the other mated pair. They at first started to clean off the leaf of a sword for their spawn site, but changed their minds and started to clean the filter intake tube. Shortly after, the female laid her eggs. There is a distict difference this time though, the eggs are more of a yellow color compared to the others spawn which was more of a white. I’m wondering if this means one of the pairs is failing to fertilize the eggs, or if it is just an issue of different lighting. The filter intake tube is in a corner and a little darker than the other spawn site on the left side of the tank. Continue reading

Nature Finds A Way

In my 125 gallon aquarium I have Diamond Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, Scalare Angelfish, Bristlenose Plecostomus, Bronze Cory, Julii Cory, and Peppered Cory. Over the past several months I have observed the Diamond Tetras, Scalare Angelfish, and the Corys spawning in the tank. So much so in fact that hardly a week goes by that I do not have eggs somewhere in the tank.

It is possible that the Bristlenose Plecos have spawned but I haven’t seen them in the act. I have both a male and female, for several months they always hung out on opposite sides of the tank however in the past few weeks I see them together more and more often near some driftwood. As I understand it, the male will guard a cave as the spawning site.

The Corys when they spawn paste their eggs all over the place in random locations, but not very well hidden locations. Usually they are on plant leaves, but they usually put a few on the glass as well.

The Diamond Tetras dart up into my floating plants to leave their eggs, particularly the Water Sprite. All the while, the five Scalare Angelfish have themselves contorted completely vertical to get up into the plants and eat them.

My mated pair of Angels favor the left side of the tank where the spray bar is for their spawning. They usually pick a leaf on one of my large Anubias (Anubias hastifolia to be specific). They will guard their leaf with extreme vigilance preventing anyone but the corys from going on that half of the tank. However, by day 2 the eggs will have slowly disappeared as dad gets hungry and likely the corys during the night. Continue reading