Getting Started

So you’ve decided to start an aquarium, or possibly return to the hobby. Or maybe you’ve tried it unsuccessfully in the past but still have that itch to make it work.

This page has links to some of my articles where I give advice on fish keeping that I hope you find useful. I’m not a scientist, just a fellow hobbyist so my information is gained from experience rather than scientific study. That of course means that I won’t have everything absolutely correct, but hopefully I am at least in the ballpark. If you come across somewhere that I have erred please let me know. I’m striving to learn and improve as well, but be prepared to defend your position!

Cycling a New Tank
This is easily one of the most important steps to starting an aquarium. You really, really want to cycle it before adding your fish. Read over the article and be sure to ask questions if you have any.

Treating Ich
Ich is one of the most common diseases you will encounter and it usually happens when buying new fish. You want to quarantine any new acquisitions but if your quarantine tank comes down with Ich you’ll still need to know how to treat it. This article gives some advice for tanks that contain live plants. The same advice however can be applied to tanks with fake plants.

Going on Vacation
Simple advice on what you should do about your fish and their food while you’re away from home.

Series on Live Plants
I’ve written up a series of articles on live plants and all the information you need to get started. I recommend reading the whole thing, but you can skip around to sections you are most interested in.

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