Face Lift

A slight face lift to the site here. Changed to a new theme that I like better, and also added the customary social media buttons for those who like to +1 or like pages.

If you’re visiting on a mobile device there will be no change to the theme, as flair is kept to a minimum to increase load times on the terribly slow cellular networks and also to save you on your data caps.

Comments appreciated!

Comments Opened Up

I’ve opened up the ability for users to leave comments to make it less restrictive, mainly an account is no longer required to post a comment.

Your first comment will still need to be moderated, but after that they should be instant unless you include any links.

Fighting spam is always a fine line, but I’m actually less worried about spam than I am malicious links. So, we’ll try this and see how it goes. If it gets out of hand I may have to lock it down again. Until then, happy commenting!

Update 12/15/2012: I’ve reverted it back to needing to log in to comment. All I’ve gotten is an enormous amounts of spam in my e-mail!