Series on Live Plants

I’m putting together my own version of a guide to using live plants in an¬†aquarium. I’m only part way through writing it, but it is turning out to be quite lengthy so I figured it might be best to break it up into a bunch of shorter articles on each topic rather than a single super long article.

So keep an eye out for my series on live plants! I’ll be starting with an article on why plants are useful, and from there I will give my advice on how to grow them and keep them alive.

  1. Why are Live Plants Important?
  2. What substrate choices are there, and what is best?
  3. What kind of lighting do I need?
  4. Do I need fertilizer? What kind?
  5. What plants can I not have with my fish?
  6. What about pH, GH, KH? Do these affect plants?

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