New 5.5 Gallon Aquarium

You know you’re hooked to a hobby when you just keep buying more and can’t seem to stop yourself. I’ve actually been slacking a bit on the posting and should of done this back in December when I first got it. I’m not the proud owner of a fourth aquarium, this time a 5.5 gallon Topfin aquarium that is being used for a Beta.

I planted it with some native plants for the Betta species which are Crypts and Wisteria and I must say all of the plants have taken off very well. The crypts I bought as baby plants at Petsmart, they actually came in the gel packs you can find boxed and hanging on the shelves near the plant section. They were very tiny but the package comes with a lot of these crypts. Even though the package is a bit pricey when you consider the number of plants you get it is actually a screaming bargain  As you can see in the picture below they’ve all grown quite bit and quite well. Some of my best crypts every actually.

The Wisteria you see in the tank are just cuttings from the plants in the other 10 gallon Betta tank that I originally bought over a year ago. Stem plants are great budget plants as you can continue to make cuttings off them forever provided the entire plant does not die.

The plan for this tank is actually to bring it to work and put it on my desk. I’m currently working in a different facility at the moment than where my office is located so in the meantime it is just sitting on my kitchen counter.

5.5 Gallon Aquarium

5.5 Gallon Topfin Aquarium with a Featherfin Betta

For equipment in the tank there isn’t a whole lot, it is only 5.5 gallon after all ;) For a heater I’m using the Hydor Theo 25W Submersible Heater (Review), for the filter I’m using the TOM Aquarium Mini Internal Filter (Review), and last but not least is just a floating thermometer (Review).

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