Filter Upgrade

This past week I upgraded my canister filter in the 125 gallon tank. I have been thinking about it for awhile, but during my last water change and cleaning of the canister I managed to break the impeller shaft which pushed me towards the new filter sooner than expected.

My old filter was the Aquatop CF400-UV that is the least expensive canister I have seen for a tank this size. But that also shows in the cheap build quality of the filter, for example that impeller shaft I broke was made of plastic where most filters use stainless steel. My new filter is a Rena XP3 which apparently has been re-branded under the API name and is now called the API Filstar XPL.

I’ve written a lot of reviews at Amazon for the various aquarium equipment I have bought over the past year and a half and it came to me that I should probably put them here too for anyone interested in what I’m using, and what I think of it. So you can look forward to that in the next few days. The reviews are already all written, but I don’t have any pictures to go with them so I need to take those first.

Happy Fish Keeping!

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