Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater Review

After my happy purchase of the Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater for my 20 gallon aquarium I decided to go with Aquatop again when I bought my 125 gallon tank. However, for this tank I used two 300W heaters. My results however were not as positive as they were with the 20 gallon.

This heater is much the same as I wrote in my review of the 100W version that you can read here. It features a temperature dial that you can use to set the temperature to an actual number, rather than guessing on a generic plus/minus scale that other cheap heaters use. However, out of the box the temperature will not match what the dial says unless you are very lucky. You are suppose to be able to lift the peg in the center of the dial to calibrate the dial. When you lift it, you can rotate the dial without actually changing the temperature. Once calibrated, you can push the peg back down and it will function as normal.

Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater Temperature Dial

Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater Temperature Dial

I said suppose above because with both of the 300W heaters I bought I could not for the life of me get that peg up. I may have been able to with pliers but I didn’t want to risk breaking the heaters.

That’s not the least of the problems I had with these heaters though. Unfortunately after a few months of service, one of the heaters completely quit on me. It failed off, rather than on, so I didn’t experience fish death but it was still shocking to learn one day that my 125 gallon aquarium, and all the fish that are in it, were not getting very warm water. If it has failed in the “on” I’m sure all my fish would have died on me.

I still had the second 300W heater in the tank, but it had always been a bit finicky and has never been consistent in operation. While Aquatop has a warranty, it typically isn’t worth exercising that warranty for many reasons. The first is that you must pay return shipping, the second is you have to pay to get it to the post office, and the third is that for a couple weeks you are going to be without the use of the heater. That last point is really the most important.

Ultimately I decided to buy the Aqueon Pro 250W heaters which I will write a review for in the future after I get more time with them. The bottom line with these Aquatop HT-300 300W Heaters is that you are playing with fire, you may get a good reliable one, or you may end up with a dud. If they work, you’ll save a huge amount of money.

Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater

Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater


  • Cost
  • Temperature Dial
  • Can Calibrate Dial


  • Reliability
  • Warranty

Rating: 2/5

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