Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater Review

These heaters from Aquatop are certainly very affordable and are priced fairly low compared to the competition. As you can imagine from that, these are your typical made in China filters, but they’re not at all as cheap as many of the others.

The one thing I really like about these heaters is the temperature dial, it is listed in degrees fahrenheit which is an enormous improvement over the really cheap heaters that just have a plus side and a minus side and you are forced to guess what temperature you are setting the thing to. That said though, out of the box the temperature dial is more than likely off by a few degrees.

Dial on Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater

Temperature dial on the Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater, well used after over a year of service

What you want to do is let the tank sit for 24 hours to let the temperature stabilize, and then tweak the dial. If you are short 2 degrees, just bump the knob up two degrees. If after another 24 hours it is where you want it, you can then calibrate the dial. You do that by lifting up the black peg up on top (see picture) which allows you to rotate the dial without actually changing the temperature. When you have the dial moved to what the temperature really is, just push the black peg back in. You should now be good to go if you ever need to change it in the future.

Speaking of temperature, I highly recommend you use a floating thermometer rather than relying on any stick on the tank style thermometer. I’ve reviewed one here.

Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater

Aquatop HT-100 100W Heater in 20 Gallon Aquarium

This particular heater has been doing a fantastic job, working steady for a little bit over a year now without failure. However, I also bought two 300W heaters in the same family as these, and those did not work out well at all. Since these are all likely made on the same assembly line and same process, I can only take from my experience that these heaters are really hit or miss. You might get one that will work really well, or you might get one that dies fairly quickly. The heaters are vastly cheaper than others though, so they can save you some big bucks at the negative of slightly more risk. I will have a review of the Aquatop HT-300 300W Heater in the future, along with a review of the Aqueon Pro 250W Heaters that replaced them.


  • Temperature on dial
  • Can calibrate dial
  • Inexpensive


  • Reliability

Rating: 3/5

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AquaTop Aquarium Heater – 100W

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