Second Mated Pair

Yet more spawning in my 125 gallon aquarium. The Scalare Angelfish again, but this time a new pair has formed. The marbled Angel has turned out to be a male, and the second zebra stripped Angel is also a female (maybe twins? :) ). These two have chosen the right side of the tank for the spawning, opposite of the other mated pair. They at first started to clean off the leaf of a sword for their spawn site, but changed their minds and started to clean the filter intake tube. Shortly after, the female laid her eggs. There is a distict difference this time though, the eggs are more of a yellow color compared to the others spawn which was more of a white. I’m wondering if this means one of the pairs is failing to fertilize the eggs, or if it is just an issue of different lighting. The filter intake tube is in a corner and a little darker than the other spawn site on the left side of the tank.

The parents are being very attentive to the eggs, constantly keeping them fanned. Time will tell if they can resist the hunger urge to eat their own eggs.

Second Scalare Angelfish Mated Pair - Male

Second Scalare Angelfish Mated Pair – Male

Second Scalare Angelfish Mated Pair - Female

Second Scalare Angelfish Mated Pair – Female

In other news, my Diamond Tetra fry is still alive and hanging on in there, beating the odds and avoiding the hungry attention of the Angelfish. I’ve been very tempted to net him out and put him in the 10 gallon hospital tank to keep him and raise him all the way. That tank would be sterile though and not have any natural food for the guy, I would have to raise brine shrimp to feed or at the last get a powdered prepared food (like Hikari First Bites).

Diamond Tetra Fry

Diamond Tetra Fry

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