Circle of Life

On Friday the Scalare Angelfish eggs hatched and we had a mass of wigglers on the filter intake tube. Unfortunately, they were on the filter intake tube! By Sunday they were all gone, the filter no doubt got some but I suspect at night the corys got a tasty snack.

The two parents continue to guard the corner even though their are no more fry to guard. It’s enough to make you feel sad actually, you can actually see distress on them and their behavior. I tried to take a picture of the wigglies but the angel was bad and there was no way to get a clear picture. It was pretty neat to watch them, all you could see is the yolk sac wiggling back and forth and the faintest hint of a fish attached to it.

Meanwhile on the other side of the tank, my original mated pair of Angels have spawned again. Their eggs look pure white though again, like they always have. Now that I’ve seen what the other’s pairs look like that did survive to hatching … I believe the yellow male may not be fertilizing the eggs. Which would explain why they never make it past the egg stage. Maybe he’ll figure out his job eventually ;)

The Diamond Tetra fry is still alive and well and is actually starting to explore a little bit within the tank. He’s staying to the safety of the plants but is far more active now. He is also starting to gain his color and is becoming less see through. I hope the little guy makes it!

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