No News is Good News

As the saying goes, no news is good news. The past few months have been for the most part uneventful. Which means, nothing bad has happened! Well, too bad.

So bad news first, Julii Corys. For some reason a few of these guys died and for the life of me I don’t know why. All I can guess is they must have had something from the store, and thankfully it appears to have only affected them. Water tests show this tank as always being 0 ppm Ammonia, 0 ppm Nitrite, and 5 ppm Nitrate. My pH is steady at 6.4 and my tap water is naturally soft at somewhere between 1 and 2 dGH. I manually add Equilibirum to increase that hardness to the 3 to 4 dGH range so the plants don’t suffer. That should be pretty ideal for the Corys. Dispite that, I’ve lost 4 of the Julii’s which is half the original number. None showed any sign of disease that I could see, so it must have been something internal.

The good news is everything else is growing and behaving perfectly. The Angels are all huge now, and I’m happy to say a pair has formed and spawned 3 times now. I’ll probably make another post to talk about that in more detail. I even went on vacation for a week which inspired my post about vacation feeding (or the lack of).

So enough words, here are some updated pictures.

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