Nine Months

Well, it has been an extraordinarily long time since my last post. After the disaster detailed in my last post I have to admit that I’ve lost  an enormous amount of my motivation.

After the new tank got settled in, we went ahead and added some Oto Catfish and two Bristle Nose Catfish (after a week’s quarantine of course). However, that week in QT wasn’t enough and the entire 125 gallon tank succumbed to Ich. Two of the otos went into the 20 gallon and one into the 10 gallon so that both of those tanks would each have three total (Oto Catfish like to have friends) and neither of those tanks contracted Ich, so perhaps it was the Breistle Nose Catfish.

Regardless, we raised the temperature of the tank to 84 degrees and treated with Copper Safe. Unfortunately one of the Julii Corys did not make it. We knew 84 degrees was high for them, but you have to do what you have to do or they’d all suffer. The Copper Safe also decimated the snails in the tank. It didn’t kill them all, but most of them.

In the weeks after treatment was finished we lost another two Julii Corys. They never did look all that well in comparison to the other Corys in the tank so perhaps they had something else wrong with them. They now number at 5, however we hardly ever see them. They are no where near as social as the other Corys.

Speaking of other Corys, we moved the Bronze Corys from the 10 gallon to the 125 gallon because the Betta was too aggressive and was attacking the Corys during feedings. We haven’t added the final fish we wanted for the 125 gallon yet, the Marble Hatchet Fish. Mainly it is because we can’t find them, but also the problem of loosing motivation. It’s getting harder and harder to put the time and effort into changing the water each week, so I may just leave it as is to keep the tank under stocked.

The plants are all hanging on. I wouldn’t say thriving, but everything is living. We did add a bunch of new plants with a hint of red color in them so that everything in the tank wasn’t green. However, since we have a Duckweed problem and since the Water Sprite grows so darn quickly, the lighting levels below the surface of the tank are quite low. Every week I have to scoop out 75% of the floating plants so that some light will get down below. The Pygmy Chain Swords at first went mad sending out runners. Now only a few are, and they are not very strong. So the floating plants are doing fantastic, the substrate plants are merely hanging on.

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