My day was normal enough, minus the after affects of a cold where I’m blowing my nose every 10 seconds. I get back to my desk from a meeting and lean back to relax, only 20 minutes left until I can go home.

I then notice that my cell phone is vibrating on the desk, missed a call from my wife. 6 calls. And a text that just says “come home right now”. Naturally, my mind jumps to the worst, something wrong with my daughter, she’s killed or kidnapped or something. So I call my wife, and she frantically says “you need to come home right now” and nothing else … so of course my mind’s going a million miles an hour, if she was just hurt she would of said hospital… prepared for the worst I ask what’s going on.

The 125 gallon fish tank cracked.

I’m relieved, to be honest, at first. No one’s hurt or worse.

So I get in the car and race home. The 125 has a crack on the front, it goes from the top edge about 2 feet in and extends diagonally to the bottom corner. The tanks half empty of water, the floor is covered in towels, and my wife is desperately trying to catch the remaining fish in the tank. The only other tanks we have in the house are a 10 gallon and a 20 gallon, and they’re both fully stocked, so needless to say we have a problem. On more levels than one.

The 20 gallon has 18 cory’s and 6 tetras, the 10 gallon has 3 corys, 2 otos, 5 angels (babies), and 10 rasboras now. The Betta got evicted into a bowl. In a tub went the 10 Diamond Tetras. The air temp in the house is 78 so I’m not to worried about them, however I don’t have an air stone to keep air flowing. This obviously isn’t going to work for very long, the filters in those tanks are far beyond overloaded.

My wife calls up Petsmart, which is where we got the tank. Thankfully, and this is the only good news of the entire situation, they offer to let us exchange the tank even though we no longer have the receipt.

So I finish draining the tank, scoop out all the sand into storage tubs, and load up the cracked tank in the truck. Then back into the house to drag the stand out of the room, and attempt to get as much water up out of the carpet as possible. Did I mention it’s brand new carpet? Yeah….

So I’ve got the wet/dry vac and am sucking up water … and suddenly the vacuum starts spewing out smoke, smoke alarms start blaring …. this is NOT my day. My wife goes out door to door to see if we can borrow a neighbors. Eventually we get the floor somewhat dry, more like damp, so we head out to the store to exchange the tank. I slap a coat of black paint on the back (just one … the can ran out … of course), let it dry for a few minutes, then haul it in and start the process of getting everything back into the tank.

The fish are all stressed beyond belief, we’re stressed beyond belief. Hopefully there are no more disasters to strike (other than our basement is flooded … 60 gallons had to go somewhere …) I was so tired, and so exhausted last night that I just threw all the driftwood and plants in with no plan. Things are somewhat roughly (very roughly) where they originally were but we haven’t turned the lights on to see how bad it is.

I’m afraid I didn’t take a picture of the disaster, we were too panicked and rushed. I’m crossing my fingers that we don’t run into mildew and mold problems since we had to set the tank back up immediately, I hope we don’t loose any fish to the obvious stress they’ve been put under, and hopefully this doesn’t happen again. Honestly, if something like this happens again I’ll throw in the towel and give up on it. Hobbies are suppose to be fun and this most certainly was not fun.

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