Fast Growth

It has been awhile since I last made a post, so there are lots of updates on the 125 gallon, but not a whole lot to say other than things are going well.

The main tank now contains 10 Harlequin Rasboras, 10 Diamond Tetras, 6 Peppered Corys, and 8 Julii Corys. We had originally had planned on only six Julii Corys, but I saw seven in the store tank and didn’t want to leave one all alone. When they caught the┬áseven and removed a decoration they found another one… so since they already had seven caught, I went ahead and got the eighth.

We placed them in quarantine for a week mainly to catch Ich if they had it, but we saw no signs of any illness. A week is a short quarantine, we probably should of gone at least 3 weeks. In their place we have five Angelfish which are the main fish for the 125. I got a little impatient of waiting.

Unfortunately, the experience of setting up the quarantine tank with Seachem Stability┬áhas had similar results to the 125 gallon. In short, it didn’t work. Ammonia and Nitrite keep rearing their head, even with several Water Sprite plants floating in the tank. I would not recommend the use of Seachem Stability for cycling a tank, it’s claim to an instant cycle is false unfortunately.

The plants in the 125 gallon have really taken off, a lot. The floating plants have taken over giving about 70% coverage and the Pygmy Chain Sword has been sending out runners like crazy. There was a little melting of the crypts, and some plants didn’t make it particularly with the Cryptocoryne crispatula. There are two left, but even now they are not looking the best. I’m leaving them to see if they take off or not.

The Peppered Corys have already spawned once, and we actually were lucky enough to see them. One of the females was swimming around cupping a pair of eggs in her fins while she searched around for a good place to lay them. After sticking them to the glass, so put another pair of eggs in her fins and moved on to find a new place. Really neat to see, in the 20 gallon when they’ve spawned it was always during the night/early morning so we woke up to the presence of eggs already in the tank. We’ve thought of getting a breeder net to try and save some eggs and raise the fry, but that would be quite the under taking and we don’t really have all that much room for additional fish in our stocking plan.

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