125 Gallon Aquascape

I’ve got the basic groundwork completed on my idea for the 125 gallon aquascape. What I’d like to create is the appearance of a river flowing through a canyon of sorts.  Below is a rough drawing of my plan.

125 Gallon Aquascape

125 Gallon Aquascape

The terrace is the most difficult part of the entire aquascape, simply because it is not a good idea to have that thick of a substrate so I will need to put something solid in to raise the ‘floor’ of the aquarium a couple inches so my substrate is no more than two inches thick. I will then wall that in with a piece of thin, clear plexiglass. The purpose of the plexiglass is to hold the sand on the terrace and prevent it from flowing over time down to the lower levels. It should hopefully not be too visible since the ring of rocks should block most of the view of it.

For the ‘river’ I will just place small river rocks on top of the sand. It won’t be a solid layer of gravel as that would not work with the sand. Over time the sand and gravel would just intermix anyways.

The plant choices are more general than set in stone at this point. A lot of it will depend on what I can actually find at the time of ordering. I’ll try to order all my plants from a single store to save on shipping costs.

For driftwood I already have some as I posted earlier. I’ll try to fit as much of it in as I can, and I’ll likely end up with more Java Moss than just the one splotch on the driftwood indicated.

Ideas or comments are always welcome. Who knows, by the time I actually go to set it up it may be completely different =) And it might, I’m not sure if the terrace idea will work out or not. I have to keep reminding myself the width of the tank is only 18.5 inches which isn’t a lot of room to work with and this idea might be better implemented in a 2 foot wide tank.

2 thoughts on “125 Gallon Aquascape

  1. To me, sand and gravel in the same thank is asking for problems. Using plexiglass is a clever idea, but you will have to work hard for it to work.

    As I understand it, you want to have a striking visual difference between the gravel and the riverbed. Why not use differently colored gravel (lighter in color) to make that visual difference ? It me also be more realistic, since usually in rivers you don’t find sand (well, not in the middle…)

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

    I’m not sure if that would work or not, using different colors that is. I would think that over time they would get mixed, particularly since I’ll have cory catfish in the tank and they love to burrow in the sand looking for food.

    In the 10 gallon particularly which has sand for a substrate they dug down half an inch in the front making a dune in the sand all across the front of the tank. It was kind of humorous that they were redecorating the tank ;)

    I think to keep them separated I would have to make a retaining wall similar to what I plan for the terraces.

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