We have eggs!

Awhile ago I made a post about how my Cory’s looked a bit pregnant with eggs. Well, without a doubt, that was the case!

Bronze Cory Eggs

Bronze Cory Eggs

While at work I get a text from my wife that the Cory’s had been busy last night. I get home, and sure enough, there are several clusters of eggs all over the tank, on plant leaves, and on the substrate. They call them an egg scatterer for a reason. So, my tank now is littered with several dozen Bronze Cory eggs, but as you can see from the above photo several have already been eaten. I blame the Serpae Tetra for that. Hopefully we will end up with a couple Bronze Cory fry, but I will not be taking any special measures to try and save them. Nature will take its course as I have no means to care for numerous new fish. If some happen against the odds to survive then we’ll make a home for them. We have the 125 gallon on the way that will have more than enough space.

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