She’s WHAT?!?!?

Well, it looks like my Bronze Cory catfish have been getting a little busy in the back of the tank…

I’ve been cutting back the duration of my lights to combat an algae breakout in the 10 gallon (which has much brighter light than the 20 gallon) and I missed putting food in while the lights were on. That’s okay though, the fish prefer dim lighting anyways so I just left the room lights on and fed them half a cube of frozen brine shrimp.

My wife points out “Wow, that cory is really fat!” and sure enough, one of my cory cats is extremely chubby. Like beyond normal chubby. She thought it was just from eating, but I wasn’t convinced since half a cube shared over 15 fish (10 in the twenty gallon, and 5 in the ten) isn’t that much. Then I got a little worried that maybe he was sick, but then it hit me … maybe he’s a she…

Sure enough, after consulting others in the fish keeping community she is a she, and most likely full of eggs. Females, oddly, are larger than the males and she is defiantly the largest in the tank.

Pregnant Cory

Pregnant Cory

I’m not going to make any special attempts to try and save the eggs, and resulting fry. I will let nature take its course. While it would be fun to have baby corys I don’t have the aquariums to support them as they grow out, nor a plan on how to sell or give them away.

Now, if a few happen to still somehow make it and not become food … well, we’ll cross that bridge when it happens. A small number are easier to deal with than the potential hundreds if we seriously tried to breed them.

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