Malaysian Driftwood

We ordered an 8 pack of Malaysian Driftwood online from a store called SeaCorals. It was very reasonably priced at $48 shipped so we jumped on it. After all, we have that 125 gallon that needs plenty of driftwood in it. The major downside to ordering online is you don’t get to know what you’ll be getting until it arrives. The big fear is you’ll get a boring flat piece. Well, that’s part of the reason for the 8 pack, plenty of changes to get something good.

Here is a picture of what we got, I think we did pretty good!

Malaysian Driftwood

Malaysian Driftwood Collectiond

The picture isn’t of very good quality. I used the point and shoot instead of the DSLR, plus I think a certain 2 year old finger printed the lens. Anyways, I particularly like the branchy looking one, plus a couple have a nice arch shape to them on the bottom that should make for a very nice natural cave for fish to hid under. I can also make some good shapes by combing two or more together. I’m actually tempted to order another 8 pack ;) We’ll need to go out and buy a large storage tub that we can fill with water to start soaking these and get the worst of the tannins out. My wife has already laid claim to one of the smaller pieces for the 10 gallon tank…

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