Hitting The Big Times

Well, we’re entering the big times now. Petsmart had their aquariums on sale so we rushed in and bought their 125 gallon aquarium. Yep, you read correctly, 125 gallons. This monster has a 72.5″ x 18.5″ footprint. Now that’s one big tank! But with six feet of swimming room the fish ought to have a grand old time.

The preliminary stocking list is as follows:

6x Angelfish
10x Marble Hatchetfish
10x Diamond Tetra
10x Flame Tetra
8x Kuhli Loach
6x Otocinclus
1x Bristlenose Pleco

However, we keep revising the list tweaking it here and there. 125 gallons allows for quite a bit of fish. Right now I’m debating the 8 Kuhli Loaches. While I really like how they look, I doubt I would see them much as they are nocturnal. We might go with Cory Cats along with another of the smaller Pleco varieties. Plecos can be aggressive if you have more than one male, but a six foot tank is large enough to provide them space and we’ll have plenty of cover and ‘homes’ that they can pick their own.

Of course, before we can set this baby up we need to get our carpets replaced. With a tank this large we will want to remove that from the equation as we want to have the lowest possible chance of ever having to move this tank until we leave this house for good. I also need to construct a stand for it. We did not buy one from Petsmart because the stands they carry are just laminated particle board, which is very poor looking and at a cost of over $350 … we’ll just make our own.

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