Custom LED Aquarium Light Fixture

I finally put forth the effort and spent the time to finish my custom LED light fixture. Originally I had planed on using three LEDs, but after seeing how bright the first one was, I went with two this time. The tank is noticeably brighter than before, as expected. So now time will tell if the lights respond well to the new light, and if algae becomes a problem from the increased intensity.

For reference, you can view my original post about the building of the first LED here. Each LED is at a color temperature of 5665K and outputs roughly 700 lumens each. In equivalent fluorescent lighting this gives me about 1.4 watts per gallon which doesn’t seam like much on the surface, but it looks brighter than that. In fact, it looks brighter than our 10 gallon that has 2 watts per gallon and not nearly as tall.

Crossing our fingers we don’t have an algae farm!

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