New Plants Have Arrived

New plants arrived last Wednesday. I’m late posting, I know, but I’ve had a lot going on.

New Plants

The new plants straight out of the box

I’m really happy with all the plants, they all look healthy and appear to have made it in more or less one piece. As you can see, I got a little extra on the stem plants which is a nice bonus. The Red Tiger Lotus has had a hard time, but it’s springing back. I already have two new leaves, with a third about to form.

New Lily Leaves

New Red Tiger Lotus Leaves

My 20 gallon tank is now I would consider to be fully planted, there are a LOT of plants in there. In fact, so many I worry they won’t have enough nutrients ;) Here are some shots of the new look.

Right Side

Right side of the tank

Left Side

Left side of the tank

Left Side View

A few from the left side

All the fish were a bit freaked out about the changes, which is understandable it was a large change, but they are all healthy and happy. Actually, the ghost shrimp were the first brave souls to leave the safety of the driftwood! So I’ll leave this post with a picture of a happy cory =)


Cory catfish hanging out

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