More New Friends

We’ve got a few new additions for the 10 gallon betta tank to fully stock it. Four new Bronze Corys now populate the lower levels of the tank, and they absolutly love to sift through the sand stiring up a cloud of dirt. Hopefully, after numerous partial water changes, the cloudlyness will subside. You can see them in the picture below, they are the blurs as they zip around the tank. I’m sure as they get settled they’ll calm down. The betta has not cared at all, he seams more interested in trying to eat the Malaysian Trumpet Snails, which are smart enough to stay under the sand while the light is on.

New Corys

New Corys

This has convinced me though that when we go to a 120 or 125 gallon that we will not use play sand. While it works, and looks good, it is VERY dirty and takes forever to clean. I spent a good hour outside with the hose and a bucket stiring it up to kick up dirt, and dumping, yet it still clouds up the tank if disturbed. You can see in the front left that they have moved the sand back a little making a little dune.

In the 20 gallon there isn’t anything new going on, life as normal. Here is a picture of the blue mystery snail crusing the plants.


Snail Crusing Plants

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