Ich Treatment Completed

Today marks the 1 week mark since we started the Ich treatment, and it has been 5 days since any spots were visible. Over the next two days we’ll lower the temperature naturally from 86 to 78. We’ll also do a 50% water change now, with another over the weekend with the goal of removing the copper medication.

Here is a photo of the Betta and his bubble nest, he really was a happy guy throughout the process and thankfully we caught the Ich early on so he was never heavily infected by it.

Bettas Bubble Nest

Betta's Bubble Nest

This weekend, provided there are no signs of a recurrence, we will be looking at additional plants. We never were able to fully plant the tank as the Ich struck right after getting the Betta and we didn’t want to add any additional plants until that was resolved. Hopefully we can also find some Malaysian Trumpet Snails, known as MTS for short, to help aerate the sand and consume dead/dying plant mater. In addition we may get our school of four cory catfish to complete the tank.

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