Day Two of Ich Treatment

We are on day 2 of our Ich treatment and all is progressing well. After day 1 the number of visible spots dropped from ~30 to ~5 which is a great improvement. Now on day 2 we no longer have any visible spots on the Betta.

We are leaving the tank as-is for a full week to ensure all the Ich parasites are long gone and dead before we lower the water temperature back to the usual 78 degrees and do a 50% water change to remove half the Coppersafe. We will then probably wait another week before doing another water change, and then restart the plant fertilizer.

Remember, this is because excess levels of copper is toxic, and plant fertilizer contains a small amount of copper.

The Betta is doing very well, he’s made a bubble nest and is giving displays to anyone who will look at him. With no visual signs of stress he appears to be making a full recovery.

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