The Beginning

So here is a shot of how my tank looked at day 1. As you can see there are quite a few plastic plants in there. I had originally decided I didn’t want to deal with the expense of fully stocking a tank with live plants, so I got a couple multipacks of fake ones. But I ended up changing my mind and buying a handful of live plants anyways.

In my impulsive plant purchase I ended up with several “Semi-Aquatic” plants from Petsmart, however once I got home and researched them I quickly learned that every single one of them labeled like that are not aquatic at all. If used in an aquarium they will die in about a month or so and begin to rot … great. Thankfully I did this before opening the plastic tubes they come in so there was no issue returning them. I did however end up with a Java Fern, three Amazon Swords, and six Wisteria plants. All of which are true aquatic plants. In this picture the swords are bunched up together in the back left and the Wisteria are all bunched in the middle right. The Java Fern is free-floating because in my researched I learned they should not be buried, but instead attached to rocks or driftwood.

For fish I started with three Red Minor Tetras (Serpae Tetra) and three Emerald Cory Cats, they were going to be my cyclers to get the nitrogen cycle started.

Full Tank Shot

Original Full Tank Shot

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